About Jactio.com

Jactio.com is a B2B intermediary service that matches job shops and suppliers for Steel Construction and and metalworking companies with customers from the machinery, plant engineeringand construction sector combines.

We focus on labor-intensive products such as structural steel, production of steel components, and larger turned and milled parts.

We take care of your requests personally and coordinate the solicitation and comparison of several offers from the initial inquiry through the sampling process until the ready-to-order offer.

Your benefits

Free & non-binding

Inquiries on Jactio.com are free and non-binding. There is no obligation to buy. You only order if you are convinced.

Active involvement

We will personally look after your inquiry until you place your order. This saves you the hassle of searching for the right provider.

Independendent offers

We get independent offers for your individual inquiry and allow you a neutral price comparison.

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