MIG/MAG Welding

MIG and MAG welding are types of gas metal arc welding process. Gas metal arc welding is an arc welding process in which a consumable bare metal wire acts as an electrode. The bare metal wire is continuously fed through a welding gun from a spool. In addition to the wire, the nozzles in the weld gun direct the shielding gas to the weld area which protects it from impurities. The type of gases used for shielding results in the two types MIG and MAG. If a mixture of helium and argon gas is used, it is called Metal Inert Gas welding. Its primary applications include welding non-ferrous metals. However, if the shielding gas consists of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and argon, the welding is termed as Metal Active Gas welding, which is used for welding low and medium carbon steels.