The advantages of steel construction

Steel is one of the most commonly used building materials. Especially in hall or in bridge construction, steel is the preferred material.

Road construction, port facilities, airports, stadiums – everything is unthinkable without the use of steel.

What are the properties of steel?

Steel is strong and durable. Steel can be formed into almost any shape hot or cold. Due to its high strength, the material can be processed precisely and threads can also be cut in steel. Steel is also particularly easy to weld.

By alloying with additional elements such as nickel or chrome, steel can be refined into stainless steel and is therefore particularly resistant to environmental influences. You can also do it by galvanizing or painting Effectively protect steel from rust.

What advantages do buildings made of steel offer?

If buildings are constructed from steel, the components are usually prefabricated. Steel construction companies with modern CNC-controlled sawing and drilling machines produce beams and trusses with millimeter precision, drill connection holes and threads in the right places in advance and paint the finished sections under ideal conditions in the factory.

The production of these components is very inexpensive due to the high level of automation and specialized steel construction companies. Especially when the production is at affordable contract manufacturers for steel construction abroad he follows.

Detailed planning with modern 3D software such as Tekla or Bocad There are surprises on the construction site and ensures everything runs smoothly. In summary, building with steel is accurate, quick and inexpensive.

Wood or steel for commercial halls?

Wooden commercial buildings are becoming increasingly popular. Wood is a renewable raw material and can be sourced locally. The look of wooden buildings is very pleasing. Another advantage of wooden construction is that it is easier to do your own work. Many builders of steel commercial halls also assemble the wall and ceiling panels themselves.

Steel is heavier than wood, but thanks to its high strength and sophisticated geometry, steel buildings can also be designed very easily.

Compared to wood, steel is more weather-resistant and resistant to pests and rot. A steel hall can be dismantled and resold more easily than a wooden hall.

The construction of steel structures is usually faster due to the high degree of prefabrication. Because wood is softer than steel, the connections must be made with special steel brackets.

The low steel prices are currently playing into the hands of the manufacturers of steel halls. Steel beams for halls are currently available from specialized steel construction companies for less than €2,00/kg.

Is steel sustainable?

Producing steel is energy intensive and produces CO2. However, steel can be recycled like no other material. Steel scrap is a sought-after raw material for new products and is therefore not wasted. Up to 95% of steel is recycled from various sources.

Steel made from steel scrap causes up to 50% fewer emissions than steel made from iron ore. By using green steel, the CO2 balance of steel halls should be significantly improved in the near future.

Last revised on November 29, 2022 by Andreas Janisch