Find new customers and projects for structural steelwork!

without fixed costs!

Find new customers and projects for structural steelwork!

without fixed costs!
Become a supplier on! is a B2B intermediary service that finds contract manufacturers and suppliers for structural steel and metalworking, orders from the machinery and plant engineering, as well as the construction sector.

We focus on structural steelwork, the manufacturing of steel components, as well as large machined parts.

We personally supervise each inquiry and support you during the submission of the offer and far beyond.

Your benefits

100% success based
  • no registration or advertising fees
  • no lead selling or address selling
  • real projects with complete data
cost efficient
  • high-value or serial projects
  • clearly defined target groups
  • high repetition of similar inquiries
Fast customer contact
  • real projects right from the beginning
  • no trading – direct customer relationship
  • personal support from

How we find new customers for you

We acquire projects for contract manufacturing, check them and transmit them to suitable suppliers. Our customers receive multiple independent quotes from qualified suppliers – without the hassle of searching. Our service is free for our customers.

They receive all inquiry data from us and know the end customer for the respective order. Of course we support you in case of ambiguities also after the order or in the course of sampling. Our goal is to establish a direct customer-supplier relationship and not to act as a reseller. The customers will commission you directly.

1. Customer acquisition

We acquire customers through direct contact and online marketing

2. Check inquiries

We check whether projects from a technical and commercial point of view fit with the suppliers

3. Announcement

We get offers from various suppliers and support in case of ambiguity


We help to finalize the offers and get the order.

5. Feedback

We stay in contact with our customers and suppliers to receive ongoing feedback

Frequently asked questions about our offer for suppliers

What happens after we receive an inquiry?

You will receive an inquiry with a project number. You will immediately receive all documents and customer data unless a non-disclosure agreement must be signed with the customer beforehand. You will be personally assisted in clarifying any questions you may have.

You send the offer to us in the first step. In case of any findings, we will discuss them before sending the offer to the customer.

What happens after we send the offer?

Depending on customer expectations and project complexity, we may stay in contact during a potential sampling process and beyond.

Will you participate in price negotiations with the customer?

We always strive to maintain a neutral position and only participate in price negotiations in a mediating function.

What are the costs for order mediation?

The mediation is free of charge and non-binding for the buying companies. As a supplier, you have no fixed costs. In case of a successful mediation, a sales commission will be charged after you receive the first payment from the customer.

Are the offers treated confidentially?

We will not share any information with your competitors. Any information we receive will be kept confidential and will only be shared with the customer.

How many companies usually bid on a project?

Usually, about 3-5 companies are invited to bid for a project. We select the companies based on product type, language skills, references, availability, certifications and similar criteria. Due to varying response times or tight project schedules, the number of companies may vary.

Which services are you looking for suppliers?

Our focus is on structural steelwork for buildings and plant construction, as well as larger steel components for machinery.

From which region are you looking for suppliers?

We are looking for suppliers from all over Europe, Turkey and Ukraine with excellent price-quality ratio.

What is the difference between and a sales representative?

A sales representative is usually appointed exclusively and solely for a specific territory. A sales representative may not represent other companies for the principal's products. does not act exclusively and can therefore represent several companies for the same products.

Can we work with as an exclusive representative?

For the mediation of contract manufacturing for steel construction and metalworking of any kind, we do not work exclusively. As an independent intermediary, we can offer customers the best conditions and flexible production capacity. This leads to more inquiries and opportunities for our suppliers overall. For other products, please contact us by email.

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